Rider Profile

Jeff Hackenbracht: Commuter
Team: M-E Companies
Years Cycling: 7 Age: 57
Height: 5'10" Weight: 165
Days/Month: 15 Miles YTD: 151 Days YTD: 19
Born: Cambridge Ohio
Resides: Galena
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Favorite Food: lucky charms - pizza - salad
Favorite Ride: Early morning rides when the sun starts to come up!! Typically the temperature is cooler plus everthing seems so peaceful!!!
Favorite Quote: Keep on keeping on!
Why I Ride: I started commuting for exercise, but also was fed up with the oil companies and the cost of gas at the time ($4 approx)!!
My Commute: 1.mile on County Road, then 13 more miles on a combination of shared use path, residential streets, park paths, apartment complex parking lot, and sidewalk along US 23 for a total one way trip of 14 miles to work. Usually leave at 5:30 am and return home around 7.00. 4 Starbucks are along the route, yea!!

Ride Log

Week of January 14, 2019 6 Rides  •  33 Miles
Sat 1/19 8 miles    
Fri 1/18 5 miles    
Thu 1/17 5 miles    
Wed 1/16 5 miles    
Tue 1/15 5 miles    
Mon 1/14 5 miles    
Week of January 7, 2019 7 Rides  •  56 Miles
Sun 1/13 5 miles    
Sat 1/12 8 miles